"Servus, Willkommen Dahoam!"

...which means,

"Hello, Welcome Home!"

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Na woima hoid ā amoi oàne zuzln!    Zenzi, zwoà Maß, biddsche - Prost!

Na, then let´s get started!  Waitress, two "Mass" beer, please - Prost!


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About My Bavarian Heart...

I´m Willi "Sunshine" Eitel, born in Munich, Germany now I´m in Texas.

I like to play the accordion and make people´s days a little brighter than they were before I got there.

Bavarians DO have magical powers you know!

For the rest of my story, well... why don´t you come on out to Walburg, Texas and I´ll tell you the rest over a beer (or two)!

Sevus und Liebe Grüße,

Sunshine Willi


Sunshine Willi Eitel

Willi´s Hut

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